'I do not want my salary at all'. What does a teacher think about the opening of schools in Albania

'I do not want my salary at all'. What does a teacher think about the

I am a primary school teacher, but I am also a parent.

I read the letter of the graduate and the parent of the first grade.

In this time of pandemic that has gripped the whole world I think HEALTH & LIFE above all. Many of us have probably found ourselves in hospitals during these pandemic times. And I found myself at the INFECTIOUS hospital. Yes I was finding it for my relative. Maybe for some what is happening is a game, a lie or I do not know, but for me that I saw and experienced for days on end on the hospital fence was a WAR OF LIFE. War without victory. The war that my relative lost and why he was almost quarantined and without any contact. Without any concomitant diseases. Never ill in his life.
School starts on September 14th. OK !!

The school where I work is in a city neighborhood. Did you know that there is neither a tap nor a sink for washing hands? Not to mention soap.
Did you know that there is a lack of hygiene conditions in the toilet? That I and why I work there never take the trouble to go to the toilet. I never know about the time I was at work I washed my hands 1 NEVER !! Are those benches and chairs where the child stands ever washed with disinfectant? Is the floor washed with chlorine dance? KURRE !! (Cleaner at the school where I work most of the time the cross with coffee, waffle and making spears.)
How can a child of haj sits with hands-free wash cycle and bangen "slime"?

Children exchange many things with each other and also touch many things. They will go to touch you again at home when they open the bag to do homework. What germs can a child bring home IMAGINE ??

At a winter time when the flu starts, children start getting sick one by one. Stays at home for 1 week with fever, almonds, colds, etc. But at this time where covid is killing people can it happen ??

Do you say some if you teacher will get the salary by staying at home ?? I honestly DO NOT WANT MY SALARY when I do not have SECURE LIFE, FAMILY, MY PEOPLE. What do I need a salary if where we work and study we are endangered by covid ??

Nothing happens if you miss one school year, most repeat it the next year. But if she loses a LIFE she never returns with the next year, nor the next, ever.

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