A mother's letter to the opening of schools: This is why I am ready to give up the emotions of the boy's first grade

A mother's letter to the opening of schools: This is why I am ready to give

Tiranapost has given the opportunity to students, teachers, parents and anyone to give their opinion on the new school year. In the classroom or on WhatsApp? How will the lesson take place? Right? What is the best alternative?

After yesterday's letter from a graduate, today in the newsroom has arrived the letter of a mother who was long overwhelmed by the emotions of her son's first class. It is not yet known what will happen, but she is ready to give up the joy of the first day of school despite those tears of happiness. For him, health above all.

I am a mum, for whom September would bring first-class emotions for her son, but this September found us with other fevers.

I was thinking of writing to you, or not, about the topic of opening schools, and when I read the graduate writing that said: "everything is worth it for education!", I lost my mind.

We have all gone through adolescence, along with our fatalities and hyperbole, where one of the things that seemed to us the motive of life has been schooling. But even then, especially in the midst of this pandemic, this expression does not stand at all! There is nothing about HEALTH and LIFE!

I agree that online learning leaves a lot to be desired, especially in high schools, then leave 9 year olds that have no value at all (maybe at the university level differently), I also agree that children should go out, have activities with peers that no yes psychological harm etc, etc., but really the competent and decision-makers on this issue are ready to risk the health and lives of parents and relatives of children who will go to school?

Every day there is talk about the irresponsibility of young people who stay without a mask and distance from each other, thus endangering their families. What should be done then when our little ones go to school and do not have a hammer on their head: do not touch the things of the friend, do not touch the mouth, wash the hands, do not approach, do not hug, do not play. .... that even the teacher, one is, does not have 20 pairs of eyes. What if they happily come home and rush to the toys, hug their grandparents, what if they have a family member who suffers from lungs, what about a brother / sister with weak immunity? Won't we be so stressed all the time and on thorns worrying about our health?

We are seeing how terribly infected people are increasing in other countries. Those places that decided to open schools, closed them again. Other countries with hospital capacities many times larger than ours have decided not to open them, others have postponed the decision to October ...

Somewhere from the beginning of this pandemic, in the name of LIFE, thousands of businesses were closed (economic consequences are felt and will be felt for some time), but we are seeing how businesses are adapting to the new situation, always reducing interpersonal contacts, for do not endanger the spread, and to protect life!

I dont understand! What irreparable damage would have happened if the schools had not reopened in September? HELL, WHAT DISASTER WOULD HAPPEN IF THE OPENING OF THE SCHOOL WAS POSTPONED AFTER THE ANTI-COVID 19 VACCINATION?

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