Graduate letter to Tiranapost that has an idea of ​​how the lesson can be developed this year

Graduate letter to Tiranapost that has an idea of ​​how the lesson can be

There is still no final decision on what will be done with the schools in Albania. Whether they will open the doors for the new school year or the lesson will take place online. has given the opportunity to all students, teachers or parents to throw their ideas, unable to give a concrete answer. In the message box has arrived the letter of a graduate who has an idea of ​​how the lesson can be organized.

"I think that schools should be opened, because even the minimum objectives are not achieved online. I know it sounds rude as an expression, but for education everything is worth it.

I am a graduate this year and elective courses should definitely be done in school, but that subjects like physical education that do not interest a certain profile should be removed from the curriculum. I am also for online learning in these conditions, but not more than 2 times a week and the subjects that will be done these days, next week to be done in school.

I have school close by, but there are many who live in the suburbs and if the teaching is done in shifts for them it will be devastating. My school has 31 classes and +1000 students and using a 9-year school for high school students is not a solution, because they also lose basic education.

"If we do not blame the government, because whether we like it or not, in this situation the lesson will not be done normally and whatever scenario is implemented, there will be pros and cons, but I hope we will adapt", writes the graduate.

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