Beware of unprofessional information! Ten tips from dermatology!

Beware of unprofessional information! Ten tips from dermatology!

Dr. Sidita Vitoja Sopjani

In this quarantine / self-isolation situation, when people are bored, they start studying and even become obsessed with their skin, ending up in undesirable situations.

Skin care serves as a kind of protective mechanism for our mind in times of increased stress. Solving skin problems makes us believe that we have the situation under control and makes us feel better.

Don't fall prey to information without a professional basis. Read ten tips from dermatology!

1. You have thoroughly analyzed your own skin, seek advice from a dermatologist!

Teledermatology: In many cases your dermatologist can assess your problem through a video call (Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.) or through quality photos that you can send. So, if you are concerned about skin irritation or allergies, acne, suspicious moles, etc. try to contact your dermatologist through digital platforms. Help your parents or grandparents use technology to carry out these virtual consultations, as they are also the most vulnerable part of the population to Covid-19. This way you keep the elderly away from the hospital and the risk of corona virus infection and at the same time solve their dermatological problems.

2. Select the products you use for your skin

If you have products that you have been packing for a long time, that have expired, or that you have not stored properly, throw them in the trash right away. Older products can decompose and become hotbeds of infection and cause skin irritation.

3. Consider quarantine days as a day off for your skin

Air pollution, constant and heavy make-up tire and age your skin. Even just avoiding make-up for a few weeks can make a big difference in the health of your skin. Also avoiding combing and styling hair with the use of added heat allows your hair to regenerate. The inability to paint your nails with professional methods will make your nails breathe freely. Even after quarantine (if necessary) I prefer to use breathable O2 spray that also contains SPF, because cancer can also appear on the nails.

4. Maintain skin care routine

Avoid make-up, but maintain your skin’s maintenance routine.

Use a sunscreen with SPF, a sunscreen, even if you are at home, because UVA rays and even UVB rays penetrate through the window glass and have the same effect as if you were outside (especially if your desk is close to the window), i.e. they age and damage your skin. SPF 30 is recommended, with UVA + UVB spectrum and mineral base. Apply it every day.

5. The ideal time for correction

This time when we are avoiding going out in public because of Covid-19 is the ideal time to use some dermatological products to correct your skin problems, which initially make you look bad before you get the desired result. For example: Retinol is a substance that can cause redness, irritation, peeling of the skin, but used according to the dermatologist's recommendation, taking advantage of this period of physical distance, will allow you to reap amazing benefits after life returns to normal.

6. Dry skin

Dry skin is the most common complaint during this period of pandemic due to frequent washing not only of the hands but also of the face. To avoid this problem, we should use moisturizing creams, applying them in the same direction as the skin hairs, and not in the opposite direction. It is important to use moisturizer when your skin is still moist. If the skin on your hands is very dry then use cotton gloves after applying the cream and keep them on at night, as this will increase the effect on the moisturizer.

When wiping your hands after washing, avoid rubbing hard with towels or toilet paper, and air dryers are not recommended for both dry and dry skin.

Also avoiding wearing tight clothes and wearing shoes during this period allows your skin to breathe freely, avoiding rubbing and consequently drying it out. Party in pajamas!

7. Do not overdo it with moisturizer

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Excessive use of moisturizing products can make your skin very oily and cause acne. Moisturizing masks are not the ideal choice, using them more often than once a week can irritate your skin, and in fact they have a more relaxing than therapeutic effect.

Choose products with hyaluronic acid content as it promotes hydration of your skin, as well as consuming plenty of water during the day.

8. Hands up!

Keep your hands away from your face even though it is difficult the longer we stay locked up and the more stress we add. I don’t believe you want to meet your loved ones after such a long time with aggravated acne and ugly marks on your face.

9. Beware of screens!

Electronic devices emit blue light, also known as HEV = high energy visible light. Studies show that this type of light has harmful effects on the skin, promoting premature aging and the formation of brown spots. Also, when you tilt your head forward toward your phone, tablet, or computer, your neck skin is forced to fold, leading to the formation of early wrinkles.

10. Sleep

Our people say that sleep adorns you. Try to maintain your bedtime routine. (Forgive us mother, I'm not talking about you, we all know you never sleep!)

Dr. Sidita Vitoja Sopjani

Dermato-venerologist, PhD (c)

Lecturer at AAB University