COVID CRISIS-19 It's time to talk to the kids

Ka shumë emigrantë shqiptarë që na ndjekin dhe kjo na shton përgjegjësinë që të jemi të vlefshëm si faqe informative edhe për bashkatdhetarët tanë jashtë. Blerina Ruka është një e tillë. Blerina jeton në Montreal dhe ka dërguar në postën tonë elektronike një shënim. Inkurajojmë të gjithë ndjekësit tanë nëpër botë që ta ppërdorin këtë hapësirë informacioni si një mundësi për të hedhur dritë mbi çështjet e ditës, për jetët dhe shembullin e tyre, për çdo gjë që prek e i intereson shqiptarëve

COVID CRISIS-19  It's time to talk to the kids

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, additional obstacles such as anxiety, misunderstanding or even loneliness are added to the challenge of isolation. However, these challenges do not only affect adults, so providing information to young children is equally important. As well as being aware, they are also a good support during this extraordinary period.
Children are experiencing an immediate shutdown by leaving for an indefinite period of their routine. In the days that have passed, they have already realized that isolation under such conditions is unusual.
With temperatures rising, spring coming, day lengthening, the desire to spend a large part of the day outdoors, it is increasing day by day, and this is another parent challenge. One of the parent's not-so-easy tasks is to organize a day of activities for children at home. Of course they lack school facilities, friends, libraries, activities with peers, and now birthdays will no longer be celebrated as before, but it's time to talk to them. The questions that little ones raise every day are:

When will I see my friends again?
What is the ideal song to wash your hands?

Can the virus infect vegetables, fruits or food? Etc ...
It is very important that for all the answers to the questions they have, an example should be demonstrated, played to show how important hygiene is in this period and to show them the importance of going through this period. with family. Children should know the coronavirus as much as they can understand, depending on age or background. They also need to be reassured by parents that this is a phase that will soon pass and that tomorrow will be better.
At a time when people are doing their best to bring colors to the world, thinking that social distance keeps us away, Montreal has found creative ways to have fun, such as playing music from the balconies. In Italy, residents have hung rainbow images on their windows as a sign of hope. Now, the trend of the rainbow window has come to Quebec. In many homes we already see the encouraging message, "what the hell is going on" - it will be okay. The children have provided your own drawings to make the situation that their parents have talked about so much easier now. The poignant gesture has brought a charm to the cold phenomenon of social distance.