Love is not supposed to hurt you!

Love is not supposed to hurt you!

Every month news of murder and rape. Every month women are hit, desecrated, killed in broad daylight. And we react, we react strongly, we find it unacceptable. Not conceivable how it is possible for a man to kill his own soul so easily. It makes life so easy for the man with whom he shared the warm bed, they split the morsel on the mahogany, and together they gave their lives to a child.

We, the families not directly affected by these kinds of rape, think that these are remote, ancient cases, left behind with backward times. But do we ever wonder if her signs are breathing in every Albanian family ?! That violence affects not only rural areas or villages, but also cities? We are all exposed to violence. Violence today runs the streets of our neighborhood, tears are seen in offices, schools, and every environment. The murder of the partner did not happen "tak-fap", just a close eye, within a second. Its roots go deep into the whole process of man's growth.

The murder is not justified by "your eyes are darkened" "it is a cast". At the same time, murder cannot be eliminated if only the act of murder or the taking of life is punished. Homicide is the highest peak of rape, but there have been fewer homicides before it.

So when we say, "Stop the violence!" we must mean:

Don't be superior to your partner!

Don't threaten him by showing strength or division!

Do not raise your spouse's voice while preventing her from reacting.


Do not advise girls: Take care of the mother daughter, do not take too long to push the husband into loss! Don't raise girls by instilling in her subconscious the idea that the wiser and more obedient you are the better your family goes. Instead, empower them to be determined, proud, confident, read, and true! And yes, teach wisdom, gentleness, tranquility, but of both sexes, for the sake of God, or virtue for those who do not know God, but not for the sake of Fear.


Don't raise boys with the illusion of being princes. Only today there are no princes and princesses in castles, but Hirushe who fight for a roof over their heads.

Do not rejoice when the woman stands by your son and says only, "as you command, yes. As you say". Don't live a double standard.

Dear women!

Do not excuse your husband when he does not allow you to go where you need to go under the excuse "so are men", do not excuse excessive jealousy enough to turn into a marital nightmare!

Do not rejoice when a man humiliates and offends his wife with the excuse "he deserved to speak wrong", or, "it does not lie to her, as if talking to the whip." When the man falls into the wrong, why don't you stay coherent, but blame the woman again: "how shameful it turned on the man."


Dare not raise your voice over the mother of your daughter and son!

It is not your property, neither servant nor soldier, and you are the general. She is a co-host with the same status as you. It's your hand that lifts you down during your lifetime, it's your warm lap, it's your support on tough days!

Husbands and wives!

Do not tolerate any decisions made in the family without consensus among each other.

Do not accept any insult, ridicule or humiliation of your partner separately or in the presence of others!

Never use the word: Boll! Shut up! Don't speak orderly!

Do not deprive each other of his wishes or dreams under the justification that I have the right to stop you. Become a source of good, support and support and not a hindrance and burden!

Turn to God, teach your religion as it is: Right.

Religion that invites you to healing and love, forbids you to hurt or to avenge another.

The most expensive thing God gave man is "Freedom." The right to choose and live life according to his conviction, to believe or deny God without violence, to live and die according to His will. While God did not force the slave (His creature) to act out of His desire, how could you do this man over man ?! But even if you do not know God, you know the law and fundamental human rights! Know the humanity!

You should, give each other smiles, support, unconditional love, but if you do not succeed do not steal each other's smiles, spiritual peace.

Don't take your life! Do everything! Apart from spiritual and physical violence, do not accept it!

And the Lord commanded the spouses, "And spend a good life together."

Love is not supposed to hurt you! The more it kills you!

* By reader Brunilda Basha