5 reasons why I do not believe that the opening of schools will work!

5 reasons why I do not believe that the opening of schools will work!

Today they sent me a link to the opinion of the primary school teacher about the opening of schools in this pandemic time. I was very pleased to hear from a teacher who knows better than anyone what conditions children have in school. I am a mother who has two daughters, one will be thrown in eighth grade and the other in sixth grade. I am very worried because I am SURE that the measures and instructions of the Ministry of Health will not be implemented because:

1. There are no infrastructures in school buildings. In our city there are only two schools that teach morning (grades 6-9) and afternoon (grades 1-5). Our school has more than 1200 students in total and classes have 30 - 37 students.

2. We will not have teachers. Dividing students into shifts will take 2-3 times as many teachers .... OF COURSE first we need a MIRACLE to have at least double the classes.

3. Hygiene Staff (Cleaners)
Schools have always been and are in poor condition in terms of cleanliness. Do you think that now something will change with a magic wand like in fairy tales ????

4.Ana economic. Schools so far had no water, no soap, no toilet paper. Where will you find money for soap, paper to wipe your hands and disinfectant gel ?????

5. The way people behave.
The state announces the measures taken but people
do not implement them due to Covid-19's infidelity, negligence or indifference . Physical distance is not maintained while most people who wear the mask wear it on the chin. When the above people who are also parents do not implement the measures taken how will they be implemented by the children at school.

OF COURSE I WANT TO OPEN SCHOOLS but with the conditions we have and the situation we are in I BELIEVE that lessons should not be done with the physical participation of students. Countries that are more advanced than Albania in both the Education and Health Systems (eg South Korea, USA) reopened schools and closed them again. The reason for the closure was not that the students themselves were in serious condition but transmitted Covid-19 to other family members. The family in Albania are not only sisters, brothers and parents but also grandparents for whom Covid-19 is dangerous for their lives. As EINSTEIN said, "it's good to learn from the mistakes of others."