3 wedding trends that will dominate in 2022

3 wedding trends that will dominate in 2022

2022 there will be a slight change in the way people organize weddings. While destination weddings will continue to rule, intimate events will gain importance.

Here are 3 wedding trends that will rule 2022.

Intimate weddings are here to stay

Since the year 2022 may be gripped by the dark clouds of Omicron, chances are intimate weddings are not only a matter of celebrities but also normal people. While it may be followed by a grand reception for some, others may simply want to hold their ceremony very intimate and with the most important people.

Destination weddings

From booking the delightful hall to choosing different cities, the wedding scenario has undergone a massive change. Moreover, if the Coronavirus continues to scare people, chances are people will prefer hiding places away from hurry and rush and make their wedding vows in peace.

Rental bridal gown can be made choice of people

While nothing can replace the showy appearance of your bridal gown, there are some who prefer to rent the gown instead of spending a large sum to wear it only once.