Spiropali after the tragic event in Shkodër: The fight against domestic violence should be declared a national emergency

Spiropali after the tragic event in Shkodër: The fight against domestic

The tragic story of a mother and her three minor children from Shkodra, who are thought to have jumped off the Buna river bridge to escape domestic violence, has prompted a strong public reaction. One of them is that of Elisa Spiropali, who writes that the issue of violence against women should be raised to the level of a national emergency.

Spiropali after the tragic event in Shkodër: The fight against domestic

"Deeply shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of four innocent lives in the waters of Buna.

The three angels and their mother have lost their lives in the most macabre way.

The suspicions are that the violence of the husband and father of the family led to their death.

The terrible phenomenon of violence against women that injures our society and our country must be stopped at any cost. The fight against this violence that takes and cripples the lives of women and children must be raised to the level of a national emergency. We must all wake up as people, as a society and as a country.

Let's all take a stand against this primitive phenomenon, because every life is precious and cannot be surrendered to blind violence.

The law-enforcement bodies and the justice system must be vigilant and ruthless to any signal, information, denunciation or judgment for such cases.

Sunlight should not be a privilege for those who take the light of life away from their victims every day.

Our education system, media, politics, all need to do more to preserve and elevate the dignity of women, and not allow them to be easily treated as second-class people with discriminatory and sexist language that perpetuates the sick patriarchy that feeds the violence.

May the four innocent souls rest in peace," writes Spiropali.

What is known so far about the tragic story?

On May 3, 31-year-old EA reported to the Police the absence of his wife and three children from his home without an address.

Two days later, a fisherman found the dead body of the 9-year-old in the waters of the Buna River.

Immediately, a new line of investigation, that of domestic violence, was opened. E. Was arrested.

It is said that the couple had problems in their marriage. The reason was the betrayal on his part and the psychological condition of the woman as a result of this. Domestic violence is not excluded either.

The search continues for her and the other two children, the 8-year-old girl and the 3-year-old boy.

Their fate is not yet known, although it is suspected that in desperation to end the violence, the young woman took the children and sacrificed herself with them.

No signs of violence were found on the dead body of the 9-year-old.

The search continues for the fate of the 39-year-old woman and her 2 children.