Mental health is killing the family

Mental health is killing the family

Home should be the safest haven, but it's not always the case.

-A 62-year-old boy in Fier just killed his 88-year-old mother. He killed him with a knife.

"The boy suffered from mental health problems ," the media say.

-Ten days ago, a 39-year-old woman from Shkodra took her children by the hand and jumped into the Buna river with her three little ones. It is said that her husband was cheating on her, he was leaving her.

"The mother had mental health problems ," a city doctor told the media, as did her brother-in-law.

-On February 23 of this year, three children from Durrës killed and buried their father in the cow shed.

"At the trial, they had a cold , calm appearance , even with a smile . The girl was locked up ," the media wrote.

In today's event, the son who killed the mother is in prison, charged with murder.

In the Shkodra incident, the husband and father of three children is in prison, accused of inciting suicide.

In the Durrës incident, the three children are in prison on charges of murder, concealment of crime and crime in collaboration.

All three families have been destroyed. But who is killing the Albanian family?

The common denominator of the three events is " mental health ". Of course, under normal conditions, no son, mother, child would raise a hand on their loved ones.

Mental health is to blame , and whoever has read not a book, but also two lectures or writings on psychology, without going into depth, knows well the postulate that "depression runs in the family". And if the family is sick and not cured, it will probably die!