Today, 28,000 Marurants undergo their first foreign language exam

Today, 28,000 Marurants undergo their first foreign language exam

About 28,000 high school students throughout Albania will take the first State Matura exam today. Through a video, the Minister of Education, Ogerta Manastirliu, wished success to the students, encouraging them to choose Albania to complete their university studies.

"Today is an important day for about 28,000 high school students throughout Albania, who will complete the State Matura Exams, starting with foreign language, Albanian language and literature, mathematics and then with optional subjects. This moment marks the end of a stage and the opening of a new chapter in your journey towards further knowledge and training," said the minister.

Minister Manastirliu mentioned the new measures taken during the year to support students in their preparation for exams, including the distribution of model tests since January, which have helped graduates to familiarize themselves with the structure of the questions and give them more confidence in their abilities. She also in her speech encouraged the graduates to choose Albanian universities to continue their studies.

"Many of you have already decided where you will study, others are deciding right now, but what I want to tell you is that our university education system, our universities, are waiting with open arms to support you in realizing your aspirations. Our universities today offer a wide range of academic programs that cover your interests and passions. They have already entered the path of internationalization and are concluding numerous agreements with various universities in the world for joint programs and double degrees, as well as for scientific research. We are working every day to make the academic offer as complete and attractive as possible for you, and above all, to guarantee the employment of each of you."