Soviet Hollywood

Soviet Hollywood

By Javier Marias / Nothing compares to a war that lasts in time with an enemy until you destroy it, sometimes lasting decades, but ends up imitating and reincarnating, much like him. The so-called "West" vigorously fought Nazism and then, at longer distances, Sovietism.

Countries like Poland, Hungary, Venezuela, Brazil and much of the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Argentina, have not only learned from their enemies, but have also learned lessons and practices from them. In our country the disciples of this practice are Podemos and Vox who have the dictatorial tendency in their genes, but I will not write about this today.

In fact, the whole world is aware that the awards that the Oscars distribute each year do not arouse interest because they have nothing to do with cinema, art or acting. You are rewarded for bad movies, sometimes weightless and tasteless, predictable to the point of irritation - simply for tijhis good intentions¨. If distant or current injustices or discrimination are denounced, whether it be a group or an abused individual, humiliated by the rest of society, people with any physical, health or mental handicap, applause is guaranteed and the undoing statues is safe.

For the film in question to be demagogic, free, that makes one cry, developed with a not-so-good art, simplified to the extreme, is the least. He will be rewarded for suffering and justification. These denunciations are appropriate and should be made, but that is why there are TV channels, press and networks. The problems faced by journalists do not have to colonize the country of artists, which must be more complex, more imaginative and more vague guides.

Something similar happens with actors of both genders, they do not talk about their interpretations, but about the level of the circus that have the respective roles. Half a century ago in 1968, the Oscar for Best Actor went to a lesser-known actor, Cliff Robertson, for his role as a mentally ill man. Today this list would be endless, if one embodies someone who stutters, an invalid, a gay or a transsexual without being like that, a historical character who does not look like even after they have put on a toned prosthesis, an actress who nose, becomes bald, turns into serial killer, if gaining or losing weight for the sake of the role, if men or women play hysterical roles come so close to prices. Today it would be impossible to catch Jack Lemmon in the movie ¨The apartment¨, an example of an interpretation that expresses content,

I am of the opinion that Hollywood should remove the mask and set new rules, according to which, for the ¨best film¨ can claim only those films in which njëat at least one main character is not white, at least 30% of secondary characters to be female, minority, LGTBIQ or disabled or the main theme revolves around these groups. In the following, a series of conditions on the creative and technical group, as detailed as the Nuremberg laws for the Jews. We now have it clear, written and detailed: Hollywood wants a Soviet cinema. The Soviet Union demanded that the working class and the subjugated sing songs, excellent works to the revolutionaries, and praise sheets to the regime with its corrupt nomenclature. The demands here vary, but Sovietism and Nazism have the same concept of demand as for art and creators,

The most serious is that they interfere in the content as well. It is conditioned and dictated what can be filmed, painted, written, which topics we should touch and from which position, it is totalitarianism, there is no other word. I'm not a filmmaker, but I'm a writer. It has cost us prisons and death, complete creative and artistic freedom, in Spain and elsewhere, for dictators to return today in the guise of tëgood causes¨. Even the Nazis, the Franks, the Soviets were convinced of the goodness of their causes, do not think not.

Javier Marias is a Spanish writer, translator and editor. This article was translated into Albanian by Albana Murra.