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Paying for the service does not entitle you to misbehavior!

Paying for the service does not entitle you to misbehavior!

By Ilda Zaloshnja / The client is always right! The golden rule for anyone entering the business by serving them. If you are going to make a name for your buyer, offer service! If you are going to keep that name, well continue to provide service. The key word of good service: courtesy!

In all the training materials for entrepreneurs of any kind of business category, it is taught how communication etiquette and smile are two inseparable weapons to make the client feel good, so that he can then come back.

This is the spirit we try to convey to real estate agents, especially since the service we provide is very specific, with emotional burdens and above all with the uncertainties that result from spending a large amount of money such as of purchasing a property.

Since some people think that the service we provide is unnecessary, they can choose a property themselves, why pay for this work, our courtesy and willingness to serve all customers, even the most skeptical , is often taken for weakness, as an extreme need to catch the job and therefore the client can treat us as he pleases ... and we too often get overwhelmed.

Their form of communication is often offensive, ranging from the simplest forms of expression, all in an imperative manner, to not answering the phone when appointments or late arrivals are left, not respecting schedules, and even worse, sometimes even by not paying for the service received.

We know that people are different and each of them has an individual background, coming from school, life, family circumstances, etc.

But would it not be good for manners to be reciprocal? If we, as customers of a restaurant, expect the waiter to serve us with courtesy and a smile, why shouldn't the waiter have the same expectations? Wouldn't he serve you even better the next time you go to the same restaurant?

So do we ... we are always striving to improve! Respect and courtesy for the work we do from our clients only increases our motivation to make it even better. After all, we are people like you and we do our job just like you ... some of us, with more love and passion.