Sa nje kafe nga Iva

This virus fell and we saw who we were!

This virus fell and we saw who we were!

As I watched in recent days how Italy, bella paise, the country in front of us with which we give and receive more economically, humanly, spiritually, was kneeling in the face of the virus I couldn't help thinking "God hold my hand!". Because if they got out of control, as it is being discovered every day, because of human behavior, we are really like them, and a little worse. We are like them, in terms of customs, (good under normal conditions, but fatal in pandemic conditions) as the desire to stay for hours in bars and restaurants and be subject to the "sin of taste" 'hugging and pleasing each other every time we meet, come to each other's homes, say' it's just a flu, find nothing ', to remember , to say that doctors are wasting it, to say that the government is not taking action, to say that the government is wasting the measures it has taken, to trust the internet first of all, to trust it in our minds above all, to hope that the coming sun and warmth will eradicate evil, and that there is nothing that does not fight humor and memes ... But we are worse than them, and for one more thing: hygiene. If it was discovered on the opposite shore that people still do not know how to wash their hands, we then realized that there are still people who do not yet know how disgusting and dangerous it is to spit on the ground. And this is something that does not exist in the WHO guidelines, nor in the articles of Japanese doctors that are circulating online these days, as hardly any doctor or scientist can think of after telling you how to cover your mouth when sneeze, you mean and this spitting job. The world says stay home and wash your hands. We must also add "do not spit on the ground", in the hope that no one will spit in our face when we read it. "You got to show me how to behave," the Albanians say unkindly. To put it bluntly.

"Ignorance kills more than the virus," a lady responded on Instagram yesterday to my concern about the hygienic work and slanderous customs of Albanians. Someone else was telling me that maybe, on this occasion, people would put their finger on their head and learn these basic things, that all that would do them good would make us human. If they do it better, they will make it a highlight. Like abandoning cafes for example, only after they intervened "from above" to close them. Maybe this virus will teach us how coffee can be drunk on the balcony of the house as well. It can teach us the pleasure of reading, embroidering and crocheting, cooking warm meals, arranging shelves or wandering through photo albums. You could return the desire to stay in the sun on the balcony or in the evening with a blanket and a glass of wine. It might even force the men of my palace to stay at home with their wives and children, and not at the club down as they did last night, with the glass of rakia and the light turned off so that they would not see any police cars. It can teach them to go back home, see how many wonderful women they have, and open their eyes to how they strive throughout the year and break into pieces to keep homes and children safe, maybe make them think and think help them and ease them a little. Perhaps this virus can teach us all that it makes no sense to think that there is nothing and how our lives are also affected by invisible things that do not depend on our will.

Maybe this virus can make us see a different sunny day, as I saw this morning when I drove the dog in the alleys near the palace, while my heart was crying as I walked, enjoying every plum flower as I regretted for many days other goodies that I took to the sofa in vain…

A virus can make us look outside and inside us a little longer. And I hope once we get out of this evil we have learned a little more. If it doesn't make us better, at least make us cleaner. Such great things do not happen in vain.