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Dior fashion house reveals for the first time the sketches of 1947-1957 for the documentary Lo herëc Prigent

Dior fashion house reveals for the first time the sketches of 1947-1957 for the

For the first time, the fashion house Dior is opening its archives and is discovering a huge treasure in front of the cameras. Following the designs of Yves Saint Laurent, Loïc Prigent handles Christian Dior sketches. From 1947 to 1957, the couturieri dictated fashion, transforming the female silhouette which then blossomed like a flower in the urban jungle. Today's designers of the French fashion house, continue to be inspired by the sketches of their master, Monsieur Dior!

All of these sketches, sometimes known and sometimes unpublished, can be found in a one-hour documentary, which will be shown in Arts.

Like Karl Lagerfeld's sketches, Christian Dior's sketches are instantly recognizable. Head to the side, arms outstretched gracefully, waist very pronounced, oblique line ... the silhouette of the Dior girl is legendary. Loïc Prigent traces the history of the couturier through his sketches, from the first hats he designed in the 1930s to the New Look dress that made him so famous.

To comment on them, the journalist calls a panel of experts from the fashion house: Anne-Marie Gossot, former first studio, Sylvia Colle, couturier friend, Florence Müller, historian, or even Hamish Bowles from the American edition of Vogue. Whether they are familiar with Christian Dior sketches or discover them for the first time, everyone admires the mastery and familiar footprint of these legendary sketches. Thanks to the studio anecdotes, an accurate analysis of each pencil stroke, and testimonials from those who worked closely with the artist, we get a little closer to Dior genius.

Adapted from Stela Sallaku / tiranapost.al