Masks and reasonable idiots

We would be asking a lot of reasonable idiots if we were to ask them to take care of their parents or grandparents.

Masks and reasonable idiots

Javier Marias / Even the most optimistic can not deny that until recently, a few decades ago, society was induced a general and growing stupidity. The clearest example of this induction is that of the rulers in the United States, Britain, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, Turkey, Belarus, the Philippine Islands, India, terrible Russia, hungry Brazil , all elected by the people. The appearance of a plague did not have to improve their intelligence or gentleness, on the contrary: people who are threatened become more stupid; some because they kept it touched their memory; some others because they rebelled against the threat by denying it and believing in conspiracy theories, completely unreasonable.

Although there are now fewer people on the streets, I notice that idiots remain so, to prove it just take a look at the mandatory masks. Admittedly, most use them properly. But there are a number of people who believe in strange superstitions. Apart from the homeless who do not wear the mask - they have enough problems and can not buy it - I have spotted these types of idiots:

The running idiot. This individual has enjoyed incomprehensible discrimination in his favor since the beginning of the pandemic. Since then he gave you permission to go out freely and not to put on the mask. Maybe the mask could take your breath away in a sprint I do not know, but the absurdity is that, while smokers are punished, runners are rewarded, despite spreading their breath everywhere. Whenever I come across one on the street, I beg saints and angels not to get infected.

Something similar happens to the idiot on the bike, who among other things, sometimes throws the bike between the white lines after use.

Phone idiots. It is unbelievable that many remove or lower their mask to talk on the phone, as if they could hear or be heard better without it. But even more severe are those who remove the mask to write or read a message, as if the mask affects their gaze. It is true that the mask evaporates the glasses, but it is enough to take a moment or wait until you return home to return the answer. Almost nothing is so urgent. This generation of idiots thinks the phone has healing or immunizing qualities, so much adore it. Runners should have the same confidence in their pseudo-sports practices. Cyclists and skaters need to be convinced that speed protects them. But no one worries about the raised voice while talking on the phone.

A really mysterious idiot is the one who walks the dog. Most homeowners adhere to the rules, but there are some who do not. From the beginning of the pandemic these too were discriminated against for good because dogs are almost as sacred to us as cows are to Indians. And the truth is that there are millions of people who have dogs; in fact not just one but two, three. So in conclusion some of the owners do not wear the mask at all, or wear it as if it were a scarf. They have to believe that the virus escapes in front of dogs just like vampires in front of the cross.

There is another type of idiot who despite warnings, continues to organize parties around the house or worse still rent houses for this purpose. They do not withdraw even though there are infected who are suffering from the consequences despite being very young, less than forty years old.

We would be asking a lot of reasonable idiots if we were to ask them to take care of their parents or grandparents.

Javier Marias is a Spanish writer, translator and editor.

* This article was translated into Albanian for by Albana Murra.