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Ervis Martinaj's uncle: My nephew was killed

Ervis Martinaj's uncle: My nephew was killed

3 and a half months after the disappearance of Ervis Martinaj, his uncle Faik Martinaj declared that his nephew was killed. In an interview for the show "Pa Gjurmë", he said that even Ervis's corpse may have disappeared.

"He was killed and the body disappeared. Political opponents have eliminated him. Hasmi does not destroy the funeral," he said. He has also stated that the family's last contact with Martinaj was on August 9, one day before the denunciation of his disappearance. "Ervis sent me a message on August 9, around 19:23. He greeted us, he didn't tell us where he was," added Faik Martinaj.

Martinaj's execution, according to him, came after Nuredin Duman's testimony where he said that Ervis Martinaj had offered him 500,000 euros to eliminate the former member of the Durrës gang, Endrit Doklen.

Ervis Martinaj has been missing since August 9 of this year. The police have carried out several checks in different cities, but nothing is yet confirmed about the fate of the "king" of gambling.