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The wounding of the 40-year-old man with a knife in the 'Block', Police: This is why the incident was not reported

The wounding of the 40-year-old man with a knife in the 'Block',

Various media today published the news, but also the serious video footage from the Trauma hospital (which Tiranapost does not post), of a 40-year-old man injured with a knife.

The event took place on Saturday in one of the premises of the Block, in the capital. E. Dorzi was stabbed 27 times.

The incident was not reported by the Police. After the accusations of various media for concealing the event, the Police in a press statement clarified that it was kept hidden for investigative reasons.

Police Notification:

"Regarding a news published in the media, about a citizen injured with a cutting tool, in a bar, on "Vaso Pasha" street, we clarify that the event has not been hidden, but for reasons of investigation, in order to identify the perpetrators, has not been made public. In connection with this event, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, intensive work has been done to identify the perpetrators. Following the actions for this case, the specialists for the Investigation of Crimes of the Police Station No. 2 have announced the wanted citizens MH, 27 years old and EH, 27 years old, after they hit with a cutting tool (knife), the citizen ED, 40 years old, a resident of Tirana, who is in the hospital, under the care of doctors."