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Clash with gun and knife in Kavaja, two victims

Clash with gun and knife in Kavaja, two victims

Two people have died this evening in the city of Kavaja.

According to the police, it is known that there was a momentary conflict in a bar between two people, who hit each other.

One shot with a pistol and the other with a knife.

"Kavajë/Preliminary information: On 29.03.2023, in Kavajë, at the intersection of currency, there was a conflict between two citizens, where citizen Edmond Gosa, 43 years old, wounded citizen Altin Rexha, 43 years old, with a knife, while the latter citizen Edmond Gosa was wounded with a firearm.

As a result of the injuries received, the two citizens involved in the conflict died in the hospital. The investigative team is at the scene and is working to clarify the circumstances of the incident. At the end of the preliminary actions at the scene, we will have the following information," Kavaja Police announced.