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The son who killed his father speaks: We left the murder for Saturday, because we were all off

The son who killed his father speaks: We left the murder for Saturday, because

Hysen Meta, one of the sons who has admitted co-authorship of the crime in the family, in Durrës has confessed to the police the dynamics of the murder of the father Pëllumb Meta, 50 years old.

The victim was executed on February 10, 2024 by his children in their home in Shënavlash.

According to the boy, they had planned the crime and decided to carry it out on Saturday, since they were all on vacation.

He says he planned it with his sister Hygerta Meta, 19 years old, while the other 22-year-old brother helped hide the corpse.

"We planned the murder earlier together with my sister. We decided on Saturday, because we were all off. Dad was lying in one of the rooms of the house. There was only me, my sister and my other brother at home. Mom was doing chores outside the home. Earlier we had provided all the materials we needed to wrap the body. I shot dad four times in the body. The sister was also there, while the little brother entered the room only after hearing the shots. We were not affected by the situation and the three of us proceeded to wrap it up and bury it. Two days later (February 12) I drove my father's car towards the pine trees in the Rinia sector. My brother picked me up on the way back. We wanted his disappearance to be believed. Then on February 13, I decided to report my dad missing. Dad was authoritarian and impatient in the family. We had no other way. The mother was not aware of the incident", stated Hysen Meta.

The Durrës police have arrested the 3 children of Pëllumb Meta for the murder. 24-year-old Hysen Meta is accused of firing the gun, 19-year-old daughter Hygerta of being a participant in the organization and crime, while the other 22-year-old boy is accused of hiding the corpse.