Filozofia Urbane

Our situation with Covid has only two solutions, but in the end do not complain!

Our situation with Covid has only two solutions, but in the end do not complain!

According to the authorities, the situation is on the verge of collapse, very soon there will be no enough beds and medical staff, while it has already become normal for 5 or 6 people to die in Kosovo and Albania per day. And let’s not forget we’re still in the summer.

All scientists agree that autumn and winter, in all likelihood, will be extremely difficult, even for the most powerful states. Meanwhile, here we all complain about the fault of the government, that the situation reflects the failure of the government and other trivialities almost ourselves, young adults, we do not even have a point of responsibility.

Our situation with COVID-19 has only two solutions: either the government declares martial law and makes fun of us for not daring to leave the house or for us to make ourselves and our district police, to protect ourselves and others.
Now, after the big reopening, I strongly think this millet does not know what it wants!

If the government introduces us martial law and thus removes Covid, we complain that this is inhumane, that it has dark intentions down to absurd conspiracy theories.

If the government asks us to be reasonable and careful, that is, to save the little economy we have, the fuss erupts, and then when the situation worsens we shout "the government is to blame" for not beating us, not punishing us and is not closing us.

We have to choose what we want because otherwise we will go for fur, our people will die and our economy will be destroyed and future generations will curse us.

Personally, I do not have faith in our collective consciousness, as a society, so I think that Prime Minister Hoti and Prime Minister Rama should not hesitate and make fun of us because, apparently, we do not understand another language.
God, protect the Albanians from the folly of their carelessness!

By Albatros Rexhaj

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