To help graduates, these are the professions that are being sought by the market

To help graduates, these are the professions that are being sought by the market

After successfully completing secondary education, graduates who meet the average criterion of 6.5, will be subject to the completion of the A2 form, in which, according to the grades obtained during the years of this study cycle and those in the Matura 2024 exams, must select no more than 10 alternatives for higher education studies.

The choice of these alternatives should not be considered as a formality, but as a well-studied, even well-calculated activity.

So that the student's diploma, after completing the studies of the First Cycle of Bachelor's studies or the second Cycle of Master's studies, is not just an ornament, but serves as an instrument for securing a job and a secure future, the Faculty of Forestry Sciences suggests that graduates choose studies at this faculty.

The reasons why such a choice is effective are the variety of programs it offers and their matching with the needs of the labor market:

The Albanian Government announced a number of branches as PRIORITIES, which were at risk due to the lack of staffing with specialists in the field.

Among the priority branches offered by FSHP are:

– Forestry Engineering

– Wood Processing Engineering.

During the year 2023-2024, the students enrolled in these two branches were covered with a scholarship equal to the value of the minimum salary, namely 40,000 ALL/month for more than 60% of the students enrolled in these branches.

Two contemporary profiles that were missing from the labor market are:

– Furniture and Interior Design

- Management of protected areas/Governance of urban and peri-urban parks (DUAL Diploma with the University of Tuscia Viterbo - Italy where through support from the Erasmus+ program and the fund for internationalization it becomes possible for Albanian and Italian students to develop a semester, respectively 30 credits , at the partner University.

Students, after completing their studies, are provided with two diplomas, one issued by UBT and one by the Italian University).

There are currently about 7,000 vacancies in the forestry sector, which are eagerly waiting for forestry specialists.

At the same time, a number of national and international projects are waiting to be implemented by these field specialists. The branches offered by FSHP enable employment not only in the public sector, but also in the private sector, which ensures continuous professional growth and opportunities to explore everyone's professional skills.

Our study programs ensure immediate employment for students who graduate from them.

Currently, about 80% of our students are employed in the sector for which they have completed their studies. The agreement signed with one of the most elite Universities of Life Sciences, BOKU University, Vienna will be an added value for students enrolled in these programs.

The Faculty of Forestry Sciences, as part of the Agricultural University of Tirana, ensures quality in the entire study process by offering:

– Specialized academic programs.

- Internationalization and student exchange opportunities in many European universities.

– Scholarships and funding opportunities.

– Contemporary environment and infrastructure.

– Qualified academic staff.

- Opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies.

– Experimental centers and fields of practice.

– Support for international students.

– Focus on labor market skills.

Since it's time to choose not just a university education, but to create a secure future, graduates should consider our offers.

It is the decisive moment to make the right choice. Today more than ever, the Faculty of Forestry Sciences is by your side offering you a better chance for a secure future.

The article by Ina Vejsiu, vice dean at the Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Agricultural University of Tirana, was published in