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Tili's father passes away

Tili's father passes away

The "Great Master", Lutfi Hoxha, actor of dozens of roles in theater and cinematography, has passed away at the age of 89.

"Be of light, good and white angel. Lutfi Hoxha lived this life on the stage, where he gave everything", it was written on the official website of the Aleksander Mojsiu Theater.

He counts 95 roles in theater and 22 more in cinematography.

One of his most popular roles is 'Tili's father' in the movie "Our Friend Tili".

Tili's father passes away
He was only 18 years old, when together with some of the best amateur artists of the coastal city, on January 11, 1953, they gave life to the "Aleksandër Moisiu" theater.
Lutfiu had performed several roles in the amateur groups of the shipyard, while he was more prominent as a dancer with the group of the palace of culture.

With his simple way and his own style of making theater without ever being theatrical and always remaining fresh, without knowing the word "repetition", he managed to create prominent figures in national and foreign dramaturgy.

The roles in the parts "Votra e hujaj" by Ndrek Luca; "The lottery ticket" of Dionis Buban; "Educating parents" by Spiro Çomora; Gogol's "Marriage"; in Moliere's "The Imaginary Patient" and "Skapen's Tricks" made the actor from Durrës very dear to the theater audience.

In Cinematography, after the film "Special Task", Lutfi Hoxha also plays in the films "The Call", "Our Friend Tili", "The Forest of Freedom", "Ilegals", "My Wedding Toast", "The First Night of Freedom", "Waltz", to arrive at the films "We and Lenin" or "Open Door".