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The awakening of a Nobel

The awakening of a Nobel

By Mira Kazhani/I've only read one book by 82-year-old writer Annie Ernaux, Simple Passion.

But the Nobel for a writer who made books based on her autobiography, a woman who dedicated her literature to love, the body, sex, abortion, social inequality, time, memory... and she did it by taking from the lymph of herself, she is a strong woman and French of course. A woman who has the themes of the world at the heart of her literature.

The strange Oslo jury has well thought out whose time it is in the world today. Of the woman!

Could it be that the protests and the hair of Iran's women are at this price?! Perhaps this Nobel also goes to feed a little more the courage of the girls who go out on the streets, not against men, but against backwardness, humiliation.

For themselves, for freedom!

It's an award that reflects revenge on the shameful regression that holds the American flag, abortion law.

It is an award that reminds you that literature remains an emancipatory and especially healing bridge of long waits.

Women are seen and are in most cases as they are seen, patient and waiting. But not always for a man to call her, like the one in Annie Ernaux's Simple Passion, but for more. Respect, of course!

This Nobel comes as a beacon at a time when even men live badly, and society is uncomfortable. Here, see for yourself. Picture the day today, or the last week. You know better yourself.

In a reality where kids grow up on ipads and politics is in 'cosplay' all the time. A life where communication is fading and clutter is increasing. Parents grow old and can no longer protect you, in a world that is radically different from their time. Nothing is normal. It can be more beautiful, worse, but we live in the most exaggerated times.

And in Albania exaggeration has become the norm, especially.

That's why this Nobel has a spirit of trumpeting, one like an engineering key or a bell for the world. To wake up, maybe...