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The pandemic is not just an Ogerta test ...

The pandemic is not just an Ogerta test ...

Today I heard the journalists who reported that the phone of the incumbent minister Gent Cakaj went off(sources for Tiranapost say that it is located in Kosovo) while they were trying to communicate about the situation created in Kakavija. For such an event, many others in the government can be called, from Prime Minister Rama who also has the portfolio of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and always keeps his phone open, to Minister Sander Lleshaj or any senior official, minister and director. The Minister of Interior knows how to fill the stadiums with police to protect the fans from the punches for a match, but why not precede with additional forces Kakavija and every border point where every August it is known that kilometer queues are created. Not only the border crossings, but every place where it is seen as a risk of spreading the virus, even one police officer makes more aware, if not willingly, with a little fear, of the 'young man like the north'.

We made a lot of morale and reminded young people, they have neither the age nor the maturity to act sparingly, so there are other forms of arranging or preventing humanitarian catastrophes.

The people of Kakavija are not judged today either, because most of them are not tourists either, they are mainly immigrants with residence and work permits, but even if they are tourists, it remains on the burden and back of the institutions to intervene quickly or in most cases good to precede evil.

What can we say if we had free movement towards Greece? With so little and we drown in a drop of water.

We can judge the Greek side, we can also be angry, but the Albanians will defend the rights of the Albanians in the end.

The pandemic, as it is being noticed, is a test not only of Ogerta Manastirli, not only of Covid hospitals and doctors and nurses, but also of Cakaj, Lleshaj, the police and the emigrant who has been waiting in line for three days in the heat of August.

As the people have said well and we should not forget that "what the minute brings does not bring the year" - this is the unknown of the Pandemic to test a little do not mind.

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