25 Rreshtat e Mirës

Goodbye Mr. Eda!

Goodbye Mr. Eda!

By Mira Kazhani / She was the first pedagogue to enter the auditorium in 2000 in the Social Work group. Soft as silk, with short hair and two pearls in her ear, she asked us to introduce ourselves by saying a few words about ourselves.

I remember how calmly she pointed out the hard work of students coming from the districts, despite the scholarships that benefited the capital mainly with some Vlora or Durres through them. In those years there was a scholarship practice for those who did not win the competition for high school and the government (Nano government) allowed them to go to college, even though they might be last on the list. Favorable mechanism totally. Injustice!

It seemed that Eda's practice did not suit her.

Later, in exams and course assignments, I realized that Ms. Eda was not so silky, she demanded a lot and the 9th with her seemed to me the 10th with a star.

Today, she passed away after a long illness and 5-year battle with cancer. He fought a lot !!! Life has its laws.

The news of Eda's death reminded me today of that constellation of good professors. To those who have quietly and without fuss given impulses to this country. Like then in the first hour in college that a professor urged us to seek justice and disagree with injustices.

I at least so believe it has been.

Goodbye Mr. Eda!
Prof. Edlira Haxhiymeri