25 Rreshtat e Mirës

This year according to TIP

This year according to TIP

We also spent the second year in a pandemic. "Covid 19" turned 2 years old. It is also made with children (in quotes): Delta, Omicron, Mu, and God knows when this story ends. In Albania, unlike in developed countries, but also in the region, the pandemic was a matter of news rather than conditioning. In this sunny and light corner of the world freedom prevailed. People took vacations, went out for lunch and dinner, held political protests, voted, and did not change the government. The pandemic did not even spark anti-vaccine protests, as in many parts of the world. Nor were there aggressive measures or rule-making as everywhere. Which of you did not tell a relative who traveled from America, England or Italy that only in Albania the trauma of the pandemic is not noticeable. Air, sea, cafes and restaurants, people without masks on the street, except for some wonders.

But, on the other hand, "Covid" took just as many lives. Not a few lost parents and loved ones. Sadness!

Political Albania did not have any news! Or the new one was just that. The Socialists retained a third term, setting for the first time the precedent of such a long government for a political force since pluralism.

In the last week of August Edi Rama gathered the government and hinted that most would not be upset but would collect pictures in the offices. With both the pandemic and the government, the unexpected happened. We continued with the old one! For better or not, this is hard to understand in our country.

Probably also because since September no one talks about the program, about the Albanians but about the opposition.

Earthquake houses and neighborhoods are heading towards the end. One part is over. Occasionally we felt some slight earthquake. We will be like this for 10 years, seismologists said, shaking a little. As we will continue to be increasingly endangered by the nervousness of nature with us humans. Fires, floods are an alarm signal for the human hand.

Although even at this point we Albanians are unique. Although without much orientation or education for the environment, when the time of disaster comes, we are in solidarity. This summer I met the girls who fought the flames and it was their eyes and hands that gave me the first spark to launch a podcast on TIP with people worth listening to because to say now they all have something. The question is who is worth hearing ?!

Young people are a generation in turbulent times. Society views them with prejudice as a generation that is only interested in parties and nightclubs, but are we asking the question why? If Albania only offers that and sees how their peers climb the springboard in political, public life.
They are the treasure you will be looking for!

It is not true that there is not here. I met Anabel, a 13-year-old mercury, a Greta Thunberg of Albania.

Amos Muji Zaharia, an enlightened mind that is there, lives in Tirana. Undoubtedly full of others, who do not have a million followers and risk not even 10 thousand, but have a world and a soul. Especially this year, that Tirana is the European capital of youth.

People are here, the sun and the most beautiful sky in the world fall on Albania. It only takes a little guidance, not to follow millions, in all senses, but to give life a price and the place where it lives makes sense! Start now, leave your cell phone and enjoy the beauty of being alive and with the people you love tonight.

Happy New Year 2022!

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