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I understood what I saw at the Ukrainian embassy in Tirana

I understood what I saw at the Ukrainian embassy in Tirana

By Mira Kazhani / The Embassy of Ukraine in Tirana is located next to the Russian one, in Kosovo and Switzerland. When we arrived with the film crew, it was easy to spot it, because of the open door, where large cardboard boxes were unloaded with help from Tirana.

There is a lot of movement and the first phone call I made after I left was the taste of humanity. I had never felt in an embassy surrounded by that kind of love, attention and care.

I left my bag and a small black square in a room full of boxes, where people kept coming and going, but to my aura, probably unsure that I was leaving my personal belongings in a noisy space, the (Ukrainian) employee replied: 'Don' t Worry. Nothing gets lost in here! We are good people ".

You replied that you are more than just good. And I continued totally safe. There everyone is losing what they can not stand, loved ones and home. Juna, the translator who speaks a beautiful Albanian and also has a name that you can easily confuse with an Albanian, tells me that every day they wake up with a habit: they open the Telegram group and read: alive, alive, alive. That's enough!

And yet, they have the power to smile and look as strong as humans, as those we see and hear.

This unjust war introduced us to the Ukrainians and I asked some questions about them as a people - in addition to the current situation - to Ambassador Volodymyr Shkurov, an experienced diplomat, who I believe made it easy to understand who has peace in his hands today. of the Ukrainian people.

Russian people!

Are you?

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