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Buy (r) ta, çika e Kosovës

By Mira Kazhani / The film "Zgjoi", by Kosovar filmmaker Blerta Basholli, was very close to history to be nominated for the most coveted ceremony, the Oscars! But what made me think about the film and the success of its story was its director, Blerta Basholli. I thought it was the face that would fit February 17, Kosovo's Independence Day. It was the interview I would like, not counting Dua Lipa :)

I wrote to Blerta everywhere, on Instagram, WhatsApp and when I thought it was not said, we met!

We arrived in Prishtina together with the film crew, with curiosity and some black jokes and humor, when we paid at the beam.

She came, without a smile. Maybe it was because of fatigue, 8 months of campaigning after the movie and finally realizing that it is still not enough. "Oscar" is great game and "o great country, o great luck".

Maybe that was not the only complete reason. As I learned, the film had hit theaters everywhere, all the way to New York, and Albanians were waiting in line. In Prishtina, "Zgjoi" has returned to cinemas, while in Tirana, in October, the film was left with three or four spectators. How could I feel before this statement ?!

First, sometimes it takes a little more campaigning. Second, the phenomenon of our hive is not excluded, which has directed interest towards the comedy genre.

Third, it happens to the very good directors of Tirana.

Once the interview started, Blerta was what I expected. A talented woman, clear about her artistic identity, clear about her personality, as a woman who refuses to wear heels and that lives a lot in flat shoes and comfortable blouses.

She is the mom of two little boys. The last child of a family from Prishtina, where as a child he had the freedom to choose a somewhat luxurious profession, such as art.

She knows that in her film, the fable of Fahrije Hoti, together with the actress Yllka Gashi, are a strong point. But what I liked most about Blerta was that she mentioned her colleagues, other directors like Blerta Zeqiri, Kaltrina Krasniqi, with sympathy and as a real friend.

Blerta was a good friend! An artist from the hive of Kosovo, who produces honey more than politics, through music, sports, cinema ... proving to the world that nations make his people alive, as much as the heroes who gave their lives for him!

Happy Independence Kosovo, with a little that says a lot about you, Blerta!

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