25 Rreshtat e Mirës

25 Rows of Good: Are you a scratched lion too?

25 Rows of Good: Are you a scratched lion too?

By Mira Kazhani / A "Toyota" is speeding on the highway, while it has been turned into a concert hall. Latin music is heard. The driver is Primo Shllaku, 75 years old. Lucky for me to meet him and record a conversation, which I will keep as one of the precious memories of this interview cycle.

A philosophy for life, love, work, Albania. All said by a master of the word and a knowledgeable Albanian. He is the grandson of Gjon Shllaku, the translator of the "Iliad", the first son of Lec Shllaku, the director and artist of the people, whence his name Prim, the first. Conversation with him, reminds you from the beginning that you want a century to be a guild and you can not become in a hurry for 30 years.

It is a conversation where you will laugh with subtle humor, moderate irony, apt pride and above all sincerity.

People today barely speak. Even when they seem to be talking, most are not talking, hiding behind masks that give you an easier life. As Primo says, you can not win them all by coming out of nowhere and without being scratched along the way: - “Have you seen the lions at Safari, you. They have a head like a cauldron, but they are scratched! ”

And how I enjoyed this and many other observations about life, full of truthfulness, sincerity, mind and especially good humor!

Ps Do not miss this conversation! It will beautify your day.

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