25 Rreshtat e Mirës

25 lines with a key word about the fight for the ALF

25 lines with a key word about the fight for the ALF

By Mira Kazhani / The last days and yesterday the clashes between the parties have reached their peak. After the vote of the head of the association where Krenar Alimehmeti, the candidate of Armand Duka, won, the war turned even more blue. As for the victory, no surprise.

The Federation accuses that it (the war) has become political, while over the years many politicians have been seen alongside the head of the Federation in matches at home and abroad, and courtesy meetings

A new thing is the involvement of Mayor Veliaj in a campaign to pave the way for a new figure at the helm of the Football Federation.

A Sunday meeting and a private conversation between the boys featured the latter even with a dictionary of pre-match dressing rooms. Inappropriate!

The media (including Tiranapost) are involved in the news that produces retorts, acts, even mysterious tritols that only harm the opposing party, and today only one opponent does not take that step. It seems an act that only seeks to deepen the war and take it to the extreme.

The prosecution must investigate, because the tritol at the door of the house is heavy, even though the AFF today woke up worried about the 'hacker' and not the tritol.

'Hackers' have also entered the election game of the head of the Federation. This morning FSHF announces that the site has been 'hacked' and accused politics: Shameful act with a political background!

So far in various ways politics has been introduced into debate and campaigning. The president has reacted, Berisha has reacted, PD has reacted. Edi Rama did not speak, at least not himself.

In fact, telling Armand Duka to leave today is the same as those who asked Edi Rama not to ask for a third, or fourth, term that he will ask for.

I am not a sports person nor a sports journalist consequently. I do not have the necessary expertise to speak with facts why a 20-year-old manager should leave and why someone else should come. The cliché is that water should be changed. Without going into the thousands of accusations, the titles, which have drawn the current leader, Armand Duka, an early businessman who has pleased the left and the right with favors whoever he could. Likewise the sports people who today may be in the position of debt to the rewarder of the past. For this logic I believe that the solution is in the letters and not in the words. Si ?!

As a journalist for 20 years (ironically as Armando Duka in the direction) I understand that once again we are a society that wants to solve things with campaigns, poison, tritol, personalization, polarization, hatred.

The solution to ousting an ancient leader, bad, incompetent, corrupt or even honest, but who should no longer be, should be on paper.

This morning, I called an old athlete, away from emotions. I asked him about the statute to make sure. It is unlimited. Therefore, the changes should start with the statute, which today would have avoided the next war. The last was the one with the late Bashkim Fino, a lesson that politics, no matter how much it intervenes, cannot open the door of favors.

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