TIP Cooking

TIP Cooking, the new blog on Tiranapost. The best chefs bring their holiday table with video

TIP Cooking, the new blog on Tiranapost. The best chefs bring their holiday

Since you are entering the dress weeks, Tiranapost has called the best chefs. They will each send the holiday table. Charming and new recipes for preparing turkey. Everyone marinates it in their own way. Each with its own secrets. The holiday table at TIP will bring during these weeks several versions of the lunches and dinners you will dine with your loved ones. The videos will be the most ingredients and with all the data from preparation to baking, but especially the serving.

You will find the full videos on our YouTube channel, while we will announce them on Facebook and Instagram.

For a bit of superstition, or even nostalgia the first one we called was an associate from the early days of TIP.

She is a blogger who has never revealed her appearance, but she has never spared to reveal the recipes and share them with the reader of Tiranapost. We started it with Warda Shahin , or as everyone knows her by the name of her blog AddasAll. Warda is an Albanian who has lived in Italy for years. A few days ago he moved from the town where he lived and from the charming balcony which has made him very famous with breakfasts, lunches, but also summer dinners. Although very busy with relocation, Warda first brought her turkey recipe to the new TIP Cooking category.


Gjeli i festave

Për 4 persona

1 gjel fshati rreth 1 kg e gjysmë

100 gr gjalp në temperaturë ambienti

1 lugë mustardë

1 lugë e vogël piper rozë

1 lugë e vogël pluhur hudhre

1 lugë e vogël erëza provence

2 lugë të vogla kripë

Për mbushjen:

1 limon

2 mandarina

Gjysmë qepe e ëmbël

1 hudhër e plotë e ndarë në mes

Degë sherebele

Degë rozmarinë

Pjesa tjetër:

1 gotë verë e bardhë

2 gota ujë


Gjalpin përzijeni me mustardën, piperin rozë, pluhurin e hudhrës, erëzat e provences dhe kripën. Përzijeni derisa të bëni një masë uniforme.

Me gjalpin e aromantizuar do të masazhoni të gjithë gjelin dhe në brendësi të gjoksit, ku poshtë lëkurës do fusni dhe disa gjethe sherebel.

You will fill its cavity with citrus and other spices in a row. Cover and marinate for at least 4 hours. At the time of cooking, the meat should be at room temperature, so take it out of the refrigerator where you left it to marinate.

Add water and wine to the inside of the pan and continue baking in the preheated oven at 160 • C for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can also cover the pan during baking with aluminum foil to remove it only at the end to allow the surface to harden well.

I preferred to add some chopped potatoes and champignon mushrooms to the same pan where the roasting juices were left.

Decorate in a festive way with fresh fruits and spices to give a protagonist look to the dish.