Vodafone leads the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Vodafone leads the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

"Mobile World Congress" has been organized in Barcelona, ​​which has brought together the world's leading operators in the mobile network, manufacturers and Internet providers, to share their latest achievements and promote the spirit of cooperation with sector partners. Vodafone has an important place in this congress, where it is present with four stands and is exhibiting its innovations in accordance with the theme "Progress Through Technology". In addition, the CEO of Vodafone, Margherita Della Valle, was one of the three main speakers at the opening of the event.

In one of the four stands at the congress that is being visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors, Vodafone is proudly presenting the concept of "smarter networks", showing how it is exceeding any performance limits and providing uninterrupted connections for businesses and individuals.

In another stand, "Empowering businesses" is promoted, where the leading technology and communication company in Albania reveals innovative solutions designed to push all types of businesses to success, whether small, medium or large.

The theme of the third stand is "Bridging the Digital Divide", which talks about witnessing and experiencing first-hand how technology can serve as a bridge for communities across the globe, narrowing the digital divide.

Vodafone leads the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Meanwhile, at the "Discovery of the Future" stand, as part of Vodafone's theme at the "Progress Through Technology" congress, visitors are introduced to the technologies that are revolutionizing our lives.

Vodafone CEO Margherita Della Valle joined colleagues from other leading communications technology companies to reiterate challenges in the sector, such as Europe's complex regulatory framework, which they believe is becoming a barrier to innovation and harming competition. with China and the United States.

Della Valle emphasized the importance of global cooperation and "right governance" for maximizing the potential of 5G through initiatives such as "Open Gateaway". This, Della Valle believes, will empower developers to shape a brighter future.

As 5G ushers in the "industrial internet age," connected machines, software, and sensors will accelerate economic growth. Artificial Intelligence, with its unlimited potential, is the main focus at this year's congress in Barcelona, ​​where of course Vodafone, as a leading operator in communication technology, could not be absent.