How does a Hacker steal data? Expert advice and error when connecting to WiFi in cafes or airports

How does a Hacker steal data? Expert advice and error when connecting to WiFi in

A group that had been operating in Albania for two years stole citizens' data and their bank accounts for two years, causing a damage of 4 million euros. But how did they manage to do that? Besmir Semanaj, IT expert has shown that everything starts from a human error. Recent years say cybercrime and online money theft cases have increased.

they falsify identities and open businesses so that money that is open in a fake identity is transferred to a bank account and then transferred to EU or offshore areas where it is difficult to track money. So everything starts from a human error, if we did not click the email we would not have and this hacking, so is the scenario. "Fishing" is one of the simplest crimes, but it causes the highest costs of losses, but we have not only monetary losses, but also reliability, that I can get customer data that is very sensitive, most of "Crime is on the rise."

The expert gives the important advice: "Never perform sensible actions when you are connected to Wifi in premises or in public places".

"What we need to be careful about is that we need to use secure devices, we do not mind Wifi connecting, without thinking that on the same network there may be wrongdoers and in the online world you should not trust anyone. My largest number of hackers are located in public networks, where we can have wrongdoers and being in the same network the possibility of hacking is higher.At the moment we are in public networks, we should not perform important transactions, or we provide sensitive data, work operations should not be performed by a bar, or by an airport that even for the State Police it will be very difficult to catch the perpetrators in a public network, so we must avoid them for action sensitive ".

On the other hand, Semanaj said that Albania has experts, but their number should be increased, therefore stressed that the Albanian state should invest more.

"In Albania there are many skilled experts in the police, but I am aware that the number of experts is very small, the Albanian state should invest in resources. Because we do not have experts in the districts, but only in the State Police Directorate."

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