US raises alarm: A Russian cyber attack is happening

US raises alarm: A Russian cyber attack is happening

A new cyber attack is taking place in the US and aims to capture the global technology supply chain, particularly Cloud service providers and Microsoft.

The tech giant said the group known as Nobelium is from Russia.

The United States and other governments have identified Nobelium as the group that infected about 18,000 clients of software company SolarWinds Corp (SWI) in 2020 with malware.

At a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Switzerland in June this year, President Joe Biden gave his Russian counterpart a list of 16 critical sectors that would trigger a US cyber response in the event of a hacker attack.

The Kremlin has denied any responsibility in hacker campaigns around the world that are widely attributed to Russian groups.

Microsoft claims that between early July and mid-October, it notified 609 customers that it had attacked Nobelium a full 22,868 times.

"Russia is trying to gain long-term and systematic access to a number of key points in the technology supply chain and to establish a mechanism for overseeing - now or in the future - these objectives of interest to the Russian government," Microsoft said Sunday.