Puglia-Albania: Virtual X launches, the online fair of the Bar Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to the Puglia-Balkans report

Puglia-Albania: Virtual X launches, the online fair of the Bar Chamber of

About 152 Puglia companies in the sectors of agri-food, tourism and fashion, as well as the clothing company CMT System, will meet with 46 business partners from Greece, Albania and Montenegro on July 8 and 9 on the platform

In this event, Unioncamere Puglia-Tirana Branch has enabled, through a selection procedure participation in B2B meetings with Puglia operators of a considerable number of Albanian companies.

Under the leadership of Mr. Luigi Triggiani, during the 20 years of its existence Unioncamere Puglia - Tirana Branch has assisted thousands of Puglia companies and not only (about 400,000 requests from various companies for which qualified assistance has been provided; 113 registered companies at the BCC, about 20 ML euro investments in technology, raw materials, innovative solutions, patents, and hundreds of Albanian companies and assisted professionals, facilitating and strengthening the economic cooperation between Puglia and Albania.

During this 2-day event, agri-food companies will meet with food retailers, intermediaries and large hotel facilities.

On the other hand, tour operators will introduce the territory of Puglia, proposing it to cruise lines and travel agencies.

Finally, "Made in Puglia" fashion will have the opportunity to contact directly stores, fashion item chains as well as potential subcontractors from the Balkans.

Virtual X is funded by three community projects: RES (Interreg Italia-Albania-Montenegro), THEMIS and FRESHWAYS (Interreg Greece-Italy 2014-20).