Introducing GPT-4o: What can the new model of artificial intelligence do?

Introducing GPT-4o: What can the new model of artificial intelligence do?

OpenAI has introduced a new, higher-capacity version of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that powers its popular generative tool, ChatGPT, and it will be free to use.

"We are very, very happy to bring GPT-4o to all our users free of charge," said Mira Murati, at a presentation organized in San Francisco.

The new model, GPT-4o (the o stands for "omni"), will be rolled out to OpenAI products in the coming weeks, the company announced, as paying customers will have unlimited access to the generative tool. .

OpenAI has said that the new model can generate content or understand commands by voice, text or images.

The company said the GPT-4o has the same capabilities as the previous version when it comes to text, reasoning and coding, while setting new industry standards for multilingual conversation, hearing and vision.

Muscle Race for AI

In recent weeks, OpenAI has been expected to introduce an advanced AI version of an online search tool that would compete with Google's search engine, but days ago Altman warned that this would not happen. The introduction of the GPT-5 is also expected, but Altman said last week that the company "wouldn't rush" the introduction of major new models.

All companies are scrambling to find ways to cover the extremely high costs of generative AI,

OpenAI has signed content deals with the Associated Press news agency, the Financial Times newspaper, and publisher Axel Springer, but is also facing legal trouble after a major lawsuit by the New York Times.

AI companies have also faced various lawsuits from artists, musicians and authors in US courts.