One supports the Tirana marathon: Break the personal record

One supports the Tirana marathon: Break the personal record

One Albania proudly announces the support of the Tirana Marathon, one of the most invigorating events in the capital, where thousands of citizens from different communities come together to overcome their limits.

Beyond the health benefits, One Albania will also offer additional rewards to participants by offering unique prizes, gifts and exclusive experiences.

To further enrich the atmosphere of the Marathon, the staff of One Albania will join the race, together with 55 competitors from 4iG Group Hungary, One Montenegro, revealing the spirit of the group among its companies, but also the popularity in growth and internationalization of the Marathon of the Albanian capital.

Various communities participate in the Tirana Marathon, from experienced athletes to first-time runners, all with the common goal of breaking personal records.

One Albania invites all runners, supporters and sports enthusiasts to join this year's Tirana Marathon, embracing the spirit of "Go Beyond Personal Best"/"Break the Personal Record" to celebrate the victory of patience and determination over difficulties and limitations .