From today, travel with the Vodafone network in the Western Balkans, without roaming tariffs

From today, travel with the Vodafone network in the Western Balkans, without

We all know how stressful a trip can be if we did not have the opportunity and convenience in using the telephone and the internet. Because we need to have information at all times and for everything. We need to call family, colleagues, staff, about the agendas and concerns we have left behind, at home, at work, in our country. For the citizens of the Western Balkans who are traveling more and more often within the region, not only for tourism, but also for work and business reasons, the greatest ease of roaming communication starts today, July 1st.

The 0 roaming tariff in all 6 Western Balkan countries was a mission that was realized with the entry into force of the Regional Roaming Agreement, promoted by the Regional Cooperation Council and signed between the EU and 6 Western Balkan countries (Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia , Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro.)

Raising roaming tariffs for the Western Balkan countries for incoming and outgoing calls, under the motto "Travel without roaming tariffs in the Western Balkans", will be a great convenience, not only financial but also bureaucratic.

Also supported by Vodafone Albania, this facilitation platform will enable
Albanians to "Speak at home" wherever they travel in the region. Vodafone customers will be
able to use their tariff plan units at no additional cost as if they were in Albania, even during their stay in Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Northern Macedonia.

Not only that. Vodafone offers a very favorable roaming plan even beyond the region. To
avoid unit tariffs and to keep costs under control after the end of the
tariff plan / active package units, Vodafone customers can activate the 1 GB Roaming package in
Europe, which is considered the premium product of current roaming packages (valid for EU, USA,
Canada) for prepaid customers and those of the “Next” tariff plan. This package, which costs only 1,300 ALL and contains 1.5 GB, is valid for ten days. Next customers benefit from double the internet of this package, ie 3 GB. Meanwhile, with the active roaming package, incoming and outgoing minutes are charged the same as in Albania.

Vodafone Albania, as part of the Vodafone Group, offers the most competitive roaming services and offers in the market, thanks to the wide range of Vodafone network and partners. Vodafone offers roaming services in 210 different countries and has roaming agreements with 650 mobile operators around the world. That is why for trips abroad, the Vodafone network is undoubtedly the best partner to guarantee uninterrupted communication and the best quality of service, wherever you are.