The biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies occurs

The biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies occurs

$ 600 million in cryptocurrencies have been stolen. This is the biggest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies, but the hacker can not take advantage of them because they are traceable.

Hackers have stolen cryptocurrencies from decentralized finance on the Washington-based Poly Network platform.

"A vulnerability in the Poly Network system allowed hackers to steal ," the platform said, urging hackers to return them without having to go through procedures that take time to master.

In Poly Network's Twitter post the call is addressed to hackers:

"The amount of money you have hacked is the largest in the history of cryptocurrencies. The money you have stolen is from thousands of members of the crypto community. You need to talk to us to find a solution."

After the hacking, Poly Network created several addresses to which hackers would have to return the money. And apparently it is working.

"As of 7:47 a.m., we have managed to recoup about $ 4.7 million. "It is still not clear who the hacker is," said Poly Network.

"As of noon, about $ 261 million had been returned. From notes attached to some of the transactions, the attackers claimed they had hacked Poly Network just for fun," according to the forensic agency Chainalysis.

Although the cyber attack got everyone’s attention, there is virtually no way for the hacker to withdraw the funds, Chainalysis declares, because every transaction is recorded and traceable.

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