Temporary messages and added options for PC users! Whatapp announces the biggest update in 5 years

Temporary messages and added options for PC users! Whatapp announces the biggest

Whatsapp, the world's most widely used email messaging app, has announced the details of the biggest update to be applied in five years, which is expected to change its face once and for all.

Whatsapp has spent the last few months regaining the trust of users that was undermined by the 2020 privacy scandals, as it was proven that it shared account data with the social network Facebook that caused thousands of users to abandon the app and to some extent succeeded. Whatsapp has sent several messages to its users to explain how device-to-device encryption works, and underlines that neither Whatsapp nor Facebook have access to users' personal exchanges.

Now, Whatsapp will take some of the features of other apps as it installs the option of sending temporary messages that are deleted after being viewed. Also, significant improvements are expected to be made to the Whatsapp application for personal computers, allowing even the application to be used without being connected to the smartphone, enabling connection from PCs without having direct internet connection to the mobile phone, a great help for those who may be traveling.

Also, for the first time the PC version will allow phone calls and voice messages, an add-on that has been demanded by millions of users over the past few years that could turn Whatsapp a true competitor to Skype and Zoom.

The great success of the app is that it will be able to do all of this while guaranteeing the privacy and encryption of all messages, even though they may be sent from PCs or secondary devices related to the handset. Undoubtedly the new changes will be welcomed by all users of this application.