"Search on the map" Instagram adds interesting innovation

"Search on the map" Instagram adds interesting innovation

Instagram adds the very promising new feature «Search on the map», from which users of the application can find places close to their location, such as restaurants, cafes, monuments.

This new feature will be available initially in countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, but which will reach the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

The new Instagram search map can be used in two ways:

-Through the Navigation tab (also called the Explore tab): Instagram has included a new map icon in the upper right corner of the navigation tab. When the user clicks, he will be able to find popular places that have a lot of hashtags, classified by categories, such as restaurants, cafes and other places of interest, close to where they are located.

-Research from Hashtag. In the same way, when a user requests a hashtag on Instagram, the posts posted with that tag will also appear on the search results page.

With this new feature, entrepreneurs and small business owners will be able to reach more customers.