You are the heir of a fortune! Beware of this message if it came to your email

You are the heir of a fortune! Beware of this message if it came to your email

If you receive a message in your email address stating that you are the heir of a property left to you by a family member, you should be careful. As this shows that you have become part of a cyber attack.

According to experts, this method has been used by hackers since the 1970s and throughout the pandemic an even more widespread relapse has been observed. Emails come in the name of you or your family, to make the message as credible as possible.

In the interview for Top Channel, expert Kushtrim Sala says that the American FBI agency is also pursuing these cyber crimes.

"Social engineering or the art of manipulation is precisely the weakest link in cyber security. The types of information of cybercriminals are such as password targeting.

In this case we are dealing with "Nigerian Fraud", so named because of the country where it started. The latest FBI report shows that the fraud caused about $ 4.9 billion in damage.

But when should we suspect that we are facing such deception and how should we react?

"The fact that it comes from an email that you do not know. It does not have a title, it does not have a subject and it has a very poor Albanian language. Try to personalize it as much as possible and be as familiar with you as possible.

You should look at the email address where it comes from and which is not actually an official address but says nothing about the name or identity of the person it comes from.

Let us not be seduced. "In no way should we send confidential data, such as bank details or fill out any such form, as in most cases hackers or perpetrators try to make such forms that resemble real banking providers."

Although there is no official address to address these specific cases, there is in fact an official website of the National Cyber ??Security Authority : Orients to report illegal content.