Instagram is making changes!

Instagram is making changes!

It's official: Instagram is making big changes, both in terms of feed display and graphics. This was announced by the social network through its official blog, where some preliminary images of what awaits us with the next updates of the application have been published.

The biggest change has to do with the font used on all screens, called Instagram Sans.

"Our new system is designed to embrace continuous evolution and to help us create more engaging and inclusive experiences for our community," the website said.

The logo we all know, with a camera, is held as it was, except for a slight change in the background color gradient. On the other hand, the new font has also been created to adapt more easily to all possible languages, such as Japanese, Thai, Arabic and many others, without losing its identity with different languages.

"Instagram Sans is inspired by the design elements that our community sees every day: our logo and brand. From the tables to the websites, our new letter emphasizes our unique identity. "On all surfaces, from our marketing campaigns to our websites, Instagram Sans helps us show a unique identity."

Big changes also in the way users view the feed on Instagram. If by now the posts, on the home page, were moving intermittently from the white spaces in which the descriptions and comments appeared, the new layout will definitely be more immersive. Images will be displayed in full screen, almost seamlessly, to give more space and importance to photos and videos.