"Talk to the heart": One Albania's special offer for iPhone 14, during the month of love

"Talk to the heart": One Albania's special offer for iPhone 14,

To celebrate love, One Albania comes this February with an exciting campaign alongside the special offer for the full range of iPhone 14. Throughout the month, the company aims to spread joy and positivity to its customers, enriching their experience beyond the purchase of smartphones.

The campaign "Speak from the heart", developed by One Albania, goes beyond product exposure. It stands as a testament to our belief in the importance of expressing emotions. Through a multitude of activities, our objective is to bring people closer together and promote the importance of love in our lives.

In today's digital age, technology serves as a bridge to bring people closer together. Whether through messaging apps or even social media itself, technology facilitates communication and enables us to create meaningful connections with others.

Collaborating with a team of public figures, figures very dear to Albanians, One Albania focuses on discovering the impact that technology has on the dynamics of relationships. To further explore citizens' perception of how technology shapes relationships, Vox Pops were held with different people in the city of Tirana, who shared their opinions on this topic.

The celebrations started with a 360° Photo Booth installation, located in the Flagship store, in the Block area. Passers-by had the opportunity to make videos with their loved ones, thus getting a special memory on the occasion of the holiday.

Besides these activities, One Albania's social media platforms engaged the audience with characters and influencers through Convo Cards, a game which aims to get to know the partner better through interactive and funny questions.

In an effort to understand more about the psychology behind technology and how it affects relationships, we reached out to clinical psychologist Megi Kociaj, who shared insightful advice on relationships and how technology can help love.

"Technology is a tool that can serve both parties or all of those involved, to build self-confidence while getting to know a new person, through gradual exposure, during the getting-to-know process," she said, reflecting on the role of technology in relationships.

One Albania encourages everyone to "speak from the heart" and take the opportunity to express love and appreciation for their loved ones. And to top off this campaign, the company is offering significant discounts on the entire range of iPhone 14 phones throughout the month of February.

Don't miss this opportunity to give love and save on the purchase of iPhone 14 through the One Albania campaign.

Let's celebrate love together!