Apple to update iPhone 12, after France stopped sales

Apple to update iPhone 12, after France stopped sales

US company Apple will make changes to its iPhone 12 phone in France to comply with European norms for the level of wave emissions and ensure that the ban on the sale of that model is lifted.

On September 13, the French government's technology watchdog ordered the recall of iPhones made by Apple because they emit too high a level of electromagnetic radiation.

An Apple spokesperson said it will issue a software update to French users to take into account the protocol used by French regulatory authorities.

The iPhone 12 has been on sale since late 2020.

The French agency recently measured the radiation of 140 phone models, including the iPhone 12. During the testing of all twelve, it was found that, holding the phone in the hand or pocket, a person absorbs 5.74 watts per kilogram of electromagnetic energy.

According to the laws set by the European Union, the absorption of 4.0 watts is allowed, which the iPhone 12 emits only when it is carried in a jacket or bag.