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Zefina Hasani: Albanian girls have been influenced by Showbizzi Italian for plastic surgery. But youth should not turn us into disease

Zefina Hasani: Albanian girls have been influenced by Showbizzi Italian for

Fear of passing years and not being satisfied with the natural appearance, often leads people to the network of plastic surgeries and botox. This is a growing trend in our country in recent years. Journalist Zefina Hasani while talking about this topic in an interview said that Albanian girls have been influenced by the Italian show bizz, which have exaggerated with the operations. According to her, taking care of oneself is not a bad thing, but it should be in the right measure and should not 'turn into a disease'.

"It's Italy for that job they have exaggerated. That is, we have taken the model from the girls of Italian showbiz and from the Italian singers that when you look at them you are terrified, that is, they have taken it to the extreme. So we are not worse than Italy in this regard. Mankind increasingly wants to remain beautiful and young. But everything must be done in the right measure. 'Salt dishes and karar salt'. It takes care to look beautiful, but how we feel on the inside should not affect us. Maturity must come and we must accept it. "Experiences should do us good and not to accept them thinking that we will always be young", said the journalist.

Zefina says that Instagram was the starting point, which made us fall in love with perfection and youth, because as human beings we are attracted to the cloud and like to explore.

"Instagram attracted us to looks, beauty, filters and the more Instagram develops this philosophy we get involved. We are human beings who like young, beautiful, we like to explore even when we see them in a photo "You can look prettier than in front of a mirror, you like," she says.

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