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Discover your personality according to the Enneagram

Discover your personality according to the Enneagram

Personality is that aspect of man that psychology has always studied. Why? Because it is a characteristic that changes throughout life, passes through different stages and transformations.

There are various ways to test one's personality, and one of them is the Enneagram, a type of map that identifies nine different personality types based on character, relationships with the outside world, emotional traits, strengths, and traits that can be improved.

Enneagram: What is it?

The term 'enneagram' is derived from the Greek (ennea meaning nine and gramma meaning drawing) and is represented by a symbol formed by a circle with a figure inside that divides it into nine equal parts connected to each other. the other. The result is nine enetypes that describe nine personalities and their behavior with others. Each point in the figure represents an enneatype (a personality type) and through connections with other points one can quickly establish one's position and where others are.

Enneagram of personality

The Enneagram test does not rigidly determine a person's absolute personality, but captures the current version: the individual is in fact constantly evolving and so is his personality. Therefore, the enneagram serves to obtain a picture of his characteristics at the moment he is subjected to the test.

The biological enneagram

The enneatype to which we belong depends a lot on how we lived our childhood and how the environment influenced us: therefore each of us adopts patterns of behavior that derive precisely from what has influenced us from the outside and how we reacted.

The individual component is essential. Let's take the example of children who grow up in the same family, home, from the same parents, and many times they not only don't look alike, but are completely opposite.

Each of us relates differently to others, faces fear differently, in general we perceive reality through our beliefs and therefore no one is objective.

9 personalities

As we have seen, there are nine main personalities to consider when studying the Enneagram:

One - Reformer: perfectionist, can suffer from anger, but suppresses anger to appear perfect

Two – Generous: tries never to need others and instead prides himself on always being helpful. His virtue is humility, but when angry he can suffer from pride

Three – The organizer: always wants to achieve success and does everything to achieve it. It looks like it really is.

Four - Individualist: considers himself special and therefore fears being considered insignificant. May suffer from envy.

Five - Observer: wants to gain as much knowledge as possible, his greatest fear is to be considered incompetent. He may be stingy.

Six – The Protector: organizes his life by following rules and norms as his biggest break is not having a guide or someone to lean on. If he has a balanced personality, he can become a reference point for others.

Seven – Enthusiastic: loves fun and avoids dealing with suffering at all costs, so much so that if cornered, he ignores the pain of others. Often seeks comfort in food.

Eight – The leader: he wants to appear strong and therefore constantly marks his territory even by fighting because his greatest fear is to appear weak. He can be vindictive.

Nine - Mediator: always seeks peace and harmony between people, avoids conflict and is therefore sometimes blocked by immobility because it is afraid of creating arguments.