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Soccer stars: Famous because they are rich, or rich because they are famous?

Soccer stars: Famous because they are rich, or rich because they are famous?

By Antonio Giangreco & Barbara SLAVICH / Football is a people sportornsboth withover4 billion fans, who consider it a passion,and sometimes even a religion. Asfar as quality and traditionkhitstypeof, Europe is considered by manypeoszas the most attractive country for talent, sponsors, investors and fans.

Such success , reflected by the total revenue generated by five leagues the best European football (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) who managed t s ark s bene t h in season 2020 20 21 very h n ep h importance of common h t of EUR 18.1 billion sh .

However, not everything that shines is gold. This upward trend has produced an inflationary effect on professional players wages , q h at odds with their colleagues in some professional sports n s US , benefiting from the absence of a threshold t s salary s s .

An example typical q h caused controversy recently , was the latest contract 4 - year-old soccer star Lionel Messi, q s signed in the year 2017 an agreement on the amount taken a m of nd h to 555 million euros.

Costs which should face professional football clubs , the challenge firmly model of a s business stayed h m. Given the astronomical salaries of some stars t h football , a question that is b h jn s often many observers but and fans h is h : Have a really deserve professional football players salaries em h gave q s take ?

In a study m arch t h this year , conducted by us and n s co s work with Alessandro Pia c s (R University AJS , USA), Fabri c io K astelu d i (University Bo k oni, Italy ) and Cyrus Mohadjer (the IESEG Management School, France) tried to shed light on the subject being tracked mismatch to the possible performance between the players and their salaries generated by their luster level s ,and status q ë g ë able to set h .

Based on the data to over 471 players from five main leagues vropiane the f utbollit during two seasons in a row (2015 -20 16 and 2016 - 2017), our study shows that the famous character

(measured by num ber t s followers and t h "likes ve " (like) that h has taken every player by fans in their public official Facebook page) , and status t (measured by number of appearances in the team their national) have an impact on the relationship between wages and the players' performance ( the measure of t h of data available of the web W hoscored).

More specifically, the results show that the average performers h n h fush h n type h s , being popular h and having a status of high , leading to higher wages for the same levels of performance. This suggests that to maximize their pay, players can try to increase the profile n and their popularity .

P For example through social media and the press. In fact , popularity does not necessarily depend on the performance of players, but can be determined by their " public " life , which increases their visibility.

These findings about celebrities , are particularly important , not p h r performers better n h k h t h sport , who can still receive higher levels of salaries and visibility, but more players " average h " , t s Rest h t can earn m s very h through a s professional management of their social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.).

Moreover, the high visibility public for these players , can translate into higher incomes for the club (for example through marketing ). Moreover, the results of the study ton s show that the availability of a status of higher , may be " the " protect " some players changes from negative performance of their n n h fush h n Purchased h .

For example: l ojtarët with a s high status ( and who regularly play for their national team) seem to be less exposed to the observation (from fans and journalists).

Once obtained a s status is fixed , it is expected to remain stable, even in the face of declining quality or performance.

So's our tudimi shows that s hpërblimi a player , determined less by performance when he plays regularly for the national team, and m s lot s of status that s he has . This result is particularly important for players at the end of their career, they can expect a drop in their performance, or t h ken h m s little motivation p s r t s play.

They can benefit s h rish a wage t h high , based on the quality of the performance old . Players such as Mid and K ristiano Ronaldo , offer a level of performance and to guarantee their salary level, so that they are famous and have a high status , because they are the player s n s levels up or , although we can expect that in the latter part of their careers, their performances to be less scar h lënëse. /“The Conversation”

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