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Vodafone Albania wins the prestigious Ookla Speedtest award as the Fastest Mobile Network in Albania

Vodafone Albania wins the prestigious Ookla Speedtest award as the Fastest

After analyzing in detail the results of tests carried out by consumers, using the application for the Speed ​​Test (Speedtest™), Vodafone Albania has been rated as the Fastest Mobile Network in Albania by Ookla® Speedtest™, part of Ziff Davis, a company leader at the international level for digital analysis of the evaluation of mobile operators and with a wide portfolio of technological services.

"This award is given to Vodafone Albania's network for its exceptional speed and best performance compared to other mobile networks in the market, during the third and fourth quarter of 2023," said Stephen Bye, President and CEO of Ookla. "We are happy to announce Vodafone Albania for this achievement, which is the result of their unwavering commitment to providing customers with a superior network experience."

Vodafone Albania has been evaluated by well-known international brands for network performance indicators, being certified 6 years in a row as the best mobile network in the country and the last 2 years (2021, 2022) for the fixed network, with a significant margin with competitors. Vodafone Albania has been and will always remain the first to bring new technologies to the market (such as 3G, 4G internet).

Quality network and fast internet are vital in a world that is becoming more and more digital where businesses or services, including government ones, have moved online. Therefore, this price is more security for Vodafone subscribers, who not only have the best customer experience in the Albanian market today, but also thanks to the good and fast network, they receive quality services, which directly affects the quality of life.